Pentecostes Landscaping in Miami, Florida

Improve the appearance of your home and increase its value.

Pentecostes Landscaping offers services of Landscape design, Mulching, Fence, Tree service, Irrigation System, Pressure cleaning , Painting in Palm Beach, FL, North Miami, FL, West Palm Beach, FL, Wakulla, FL, Coconut Creek, FL, Kendall, FL, Fontainebleau, FL, Pinecrest, FL, Hampstone, FL, Homestead, FL, Pembroke Pines, FL, miky’s beauty salon llc -Creating outdoor havens for your home or business

Discover how to enhance the beauty of your home

We offer professional home painting services, providing various color and finish options to achieve the desired look in any space. In addition, we guarantee clean, high-quality work to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Interior painting

If you want to enhance your property's privacy and security, a wood fence can be an excellent option. We offer durable, weather-resistant, and attractive professional wood fence installation services at Pentecost Landscaping. Our fence experts can help you choose the right design for your property and will work diligently to ensure it fits your needs perfectly. In addition, we also offer fence maintenance and repair to ensure its durability and flawless appearance for many years to come.

Exterior painting

At Pentecostes Landscaping, we understand the importance of keeping your fences in good condition. Our fence maintenance service gives you peace of mind knowing that your fences are in expert hands. From repairing damaged fences to cleaning and regular maintenance, our professionals are trained to keep your fences in perfect condition to last for years. Trust us to keep your fence safe, functional, and attractive looking.